Affenpinscher puppies – Health, Food, and Care.

Affenpinscher puppies Basics-  Health, Food, and Care.

The Affenpinscher is one of the oldest and most original dog breeds in Germany. With a size of approx. 30 cm he is indeed very small, but you should not underestimate the little guy. His lively temperament, his passionate courage, and his mischievousness make him a great personality.


It is difficult to determine exactly which dogs the Affenpinscher descends from because small wire-haired dogs used to be found in many countries. The most likely thesis is that the Affenpinscher is a cross between Pinschers and Asian Pugs. The small dog type depicted in a 1934 painting by the painter Jan van Eyk could also be an ancestor of the Griffon, the Miniature Schnauzer, or the Affenpinscher. It is certain that the Affenpinscher as it looks today has been around for a very long time.

In Germany, which is now considered the country of origin of the breed, Affenpinschers are among the oldest and least modified dog breeds. Even Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) has made dogs from woodcuts very similar to today’s Affenpinscher. The Affenpinschers are first mentioned in sources in 1879 in the reference book ‘Het Leven der Dieren’ by Brehms from 1890. In this, the breed was already described in detail. This is reflected in the popularity of these brave little dogs. Originally kept and bred as ratters, they are now valued for their loyal attachment to the family, which combined with their courage and vigilance make them reliable watchdogs.

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This pedigree dog owes its not exactly flattering name “Affenpinscher” to its whisker and its typical tousled hair around the eyes, cheeks, and chin. As a result, the dog’s facial expression resembles a monkey. This is enhanced by his fairly flat nose, round eyes, and overbite, which set him apart from other Pinschers. However, it is not only the overbite that distinguishes him from other representatives of his breed family. The short mouth and rough coat also make him a very special Pinscher. It is occasionally confused with a Griffon, but unlike this breed, its muzzle is shorter and shorter. When the mouth is closed, his teeth should not be visible.

While the Affenpinscher used to come in different colors and grades – from yellow to red, from gray to blue – today, according to the breed standard, it is bred only in black. The black hair has a hard texture and adorns the head. The dogs have bushy eyebrows, a full beard, and spiky hair, and sideburns. He also has a lot of hair around his round eyes.

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The character of an Affenpinscher

For this little guy, boredom is the worst thing there is. The lively Affenpinscher is happy with any kind of variety. He goes along with enthusiasm and can’t get enough of it. He gets along well with other dogs and loves to play around with other dogs. The little dwarf generally gets along well with children, who are just as playful. However, he can also let you know clearly if he doesn’t like something.

The Affenpinscher has a mind of his own and can be cheeky or stubborn from time to time when things don’t go his way. But because of his friendly character, he is very quickly forgiven these stubborn moods. He doesn’t stay in this mood for too long and is easily distracted with a little game. Thanks to his high intelligence, he is quick to understand and understands what is expected of him. For example, despite his stubbornness, he is an uncomplicated dog that adapts easily.

He stands by his owner at all times and is a very affectionate partner who loves to cuddle. He takes his job as “protector of the family” very seriously. Strangers then get to know him as a little “devil”. It is not for nothing that the breed has the French name “Diabletin Mustache” which roughly translates as “little devil with a whisker”.

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Compared to many other dog breeds, the price of an Affenpinscher puppy is a good investment because the dogs have an average life expectancy of 15 years. This has to do with the fact that the breed has hardly changed since its inception and the original robust condition has been preserved. Unlike other breeds, the breed has never gone into fashion as a fashion dog. There are virtually no breed-typical diseases. As a result, the little fellow is in excellent health.

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The Affenpinscher generally does not suffer from intolerances, allergies, a tendency to be overweight, or predisposed to diseases that require special food. That makes feeding this purebred dog very easy. They do not require any special dog food and tolerate both dry and wet food and also homemade or raw food. The question of which one is best for you in the manager of your dog can do is therefore not easy to answer. The range of dog food is huge and there are different nutritional options.

Which food is best for your dog depends on its individual needs. A dog’s diet must be adapted to its lifestyle and living conditions. Because which nutrients your pet needs in which proportions differ from dog to dog and can change over time.

When choosing the right feed, you should rely less on promises made by producers in advertisements. A feeding table that is tailored to age, weight, activity level, and health status can give you an overview of what your dog needs for a healthy and active life.

A lot of high-quality meat, a few vegetables, and important fats belong to every good dog food. Too much grain and other fillers such as sweeteners or chemical preservatives have no place in your four-legged friend’s food bowl.

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The Affenpinscher places higher demands on his grooming than on his food. The breed is often described as being easy to care for. You would think that the care takes less time. This is not the case with the Affenpinscher, however, because the black long hair must be regularly brushed or combed to stay clean and not to get tangled. In addition, it should be trimmed at least twice a year. However, you should only wash your dog’s coat if it is absolutely necessary.

So that the grooming of your Affenpinscher does not become a “fight” despite everything, you should get your dog used to grooming rituals as early as possible. Enter set times for your dog’s grooming, then focus on his coat, teeth, ears, and eyes. Make brushing and checking your pet something fun – pet your dog, give him attention, and teach him that it’s worth sitting still for a spa moment. Clipping the nails can quickly become unpleasant due to the dense black fur if too much is accidentally cut. It is, therefore, best to leave the necessary and regular clipping to a veterinarian.

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Affenpinscher breeding

At the beginning of industrialization and the breeding of new breeds of dogs, in which more and more value was attached to the appearance of the animal in addition to character, the demand for the small ratter with the monkey-like expression decreased. Today, in Germany, the country of origin, only 20 to 30 puppies are born per year. Another reason for the low number of puppies is that Affenpinschers usually only have two to three puppies per litter. Nevertheless, there are also breeders in other countries who have focused on this special breed. In addition to the official FCI standard, which was adopted by the German “Pinscher-Schnauzer-Klub 1895”, there are two other standards within the British Kennel Club (KC) and the American Kennel Club (AKC) that differ from the FCI.

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Affenpinscher puppies

The puppies generally have a black coat with an even black undercoat. Sometimes gray or brown variants also occur. Because the Affenpinscher only gives birth to two or three puppies per litter, it is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world.

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Buy Affenpinscher

Anyone interested in an Affenpinscher today sometimes has to wait a long time for a puppy. Just looking for a suitable breeder can take a lot of time and patience due to long distances and few puppies. Anyone who has found a breeder after a lot of effort naturally tends to “strike quickly”. But as with all dogs, don’t support bad breeders when purchasing a Pinscher. Make sure that the breeder has the necessary papers with the FCI logo so you can be sure that it is a healthy puppy. A pure breed dog with papers often costs $1,000 to $1,500. If it is not important to you whether it is a pure-bred dog, it is certainly worth a visit to the shelter.

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Before the Affenpinscher moves in with you, you need to get the basic supplies from home. Think of troughs for water and food, a line with a harness or collar, a dog bed, and dog toys. Because the grooming is absolutely necessary with the Affenpinscher, you should have a mild dog shampoo and brush in the house. To be on the safe side, it is also recommended to use a flea comb and to purchase drawing tongs. For the transport of an Affenpinscher, a small transport box is ideal because it is a small dog breed.


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Attitude and upbringing

To be happy, Affenpinschers don’t need much more than closeness to their owner. The affectionate human-oriented dwarves need a lot of dedication. Furthermore, they do not make high demands on their environment. They feel just as much at home in a small townhouse as they do in a large house with a garden.

Affenpinschers are generally easy to train dogs. This has to do with their friendly nature and affectionate nature. In addition, the dogs are very people-oriented. It is true that Affenpinschers learn quickly and are willing to follow their owners. However, the breed is also known for being stubborn. Often the dogs are stubborn and this can cause problems during the provide education. The consequence is therefore of great importance. If this is lacking, this can have major consequences for this dog. The sweet little fellow can then become a real tyrant.

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How much exercise does the Affenpinscher need?

It is important that the temperamental and lively Affenpinscher have plenty to do. They love long varied walks and enjoy playing and romping in nature – with their family or with other dogs. Regardless of their size, you should give them plenty of challenges and not underestimate their need for exercise. Fortunately, Affenpinschers are open to any game. The search for occupations should therefore not be too difficult with these breeds. Because the Affenpinschers are playful and quick-witted, they are grateful and uncomplicated dogs that quickly become enthusiastic about new assignments and activities.

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Final Words

Despite his small size and the fact that he is known as a “beginner’s dog”, you should take the training of your Affenpinscher seriously. Especially for beginners, visiting a dog school can be useful to learn the basics. Whoever knows the right rules and educates his dog lovingly and consistently will quickly enjoy his Affenpinscher.

Finally,  “The dog must be regarded as one of the best. It is a lively and amusing animal, very fond of man, flattering and affectionate towards his friends and very good in fighting with other dogs.”

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