All you need to know about Airedale Terrier Puppies

Airedale Terrier

The “king of terriers” as the Airedale Terrier is called, among other things, is one of the oldest and most versatile dogs in the world. Today, the medium-sized breed dog with its unmistakable appearance and temperamental and friendly disposition is a popular family dog.


The cheerful look and his happy, expectant attitude already reveal it: the Airedale Terrier is up for any adventure! There is almost no activity that the Airedale Terrier would not participate in. His lively and inquisitive nature, his poise, and his adaptability make it easy for a man to fulfill this wish. In the restaurant, at a dog sports park, on vacation, or on family outings – the Airedale Terrier knows how to behave and what is expected of him.

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Strong personality on four legs

That doesn’t mean he just follows orders, after all, he’s still a terrier and like all other terrier breeds, he’s stubborn. He is rarely stubborn, but his high intelligence, his great self-awareness, and his fearlessness allow him to “think along” and make certain demands. The Airedale Terrier simply has a strong personality and knows what he wants. At the top of his list of priorities are varied activities and pursuits that challenge him both physically and mentally. The temperamental and inquisitive dog cannot stand boredom at all.

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How much education does an Airedale Terrier need?

A consequent education is very important for the terrier, who has a tendency to dominate. Love, trust, and understanding the typical terrier characteristics from the basis. Excessive hardness or even violence makes the Airedale Terrier stubborn. He will then not do what is asked of him, but rather the opposite. Fortunately, the friendly Brit has a very open nature and is very people-oriented. This makes it possible for the owner to quickly gain his trust. The dog is then very affectionate and a cooperative partner that can be easily motivated for playful parenting exercises.

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Dealing with children and other animals

The Airedale Terrier has a balanced nature and enjoys different types of games. This makes the breed, which was initially bred for otter hunting, an excellent family dog ​​that provides a lot of fun with both children and adults. Even in their old age, some Airedale Terriers are a real clown who still knows how to motivate his owner through his funny and unencumbered nature. He has a particularly close relationship with children and stands by them not only as a funny playmate but also as a reliable protector. However, like any other dog of his size, you should not leave him alone with children. The dog is also very peaceful with other dogs. A household with several dogs is therefore not a problem – provided he has had early socialization.

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His energetic entrepreneurial spirit on the one hand and his inner peace on the other are reflected in the overall picture. The attentive look in his eyes, his pricked ears, and the confident attitude of his tail show that the dog is willing to do anything without being aggressive or nervous. His robust muscular and compact physique with the dense coat underlines this image.

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Appearance details

With a height of 56 to 59 cm, the Airedale Terrier is one of the largest (English) Terriers. In the past, the dogs were described as ugly. Today they are noble terriers who are able to enthuse dog lovers from all over the world with their well-proportioned stature, open expression, and special coat. The Airedale Terrier has an elongated head and a beard in the front. He has a double coat that is black and tan. These characteristics give the breed an unmistakable and sympathetic appearance.

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Double Hair Splendor

The dense wiry coat should be worn as short as possible so that it does not look shaggy. It can be slightly wavy or curly, but it shouldn’t be too curly or too soft. Together with the dense short and soft underwool, the double coat offers effective protection against water, wind, and cold. The Airedale Terrier does not tolerate heat well because, unlike most other breeds, it does not have a natural molt.

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In the rough climate of the North English county of Yorkshire, the origin of the Airedale Terrier, it is, of course, no problem that this purebred dog is sensitive to heat. As the dog of farmers, hunters, miners, and factory workers, he needed a weatherproof and robust coat to perform his versatile tasks. The dog is known as “Working” or “Waterside Terrier” hunted not only otters but also pheasants and badgers. It was also successfully used to catch rats, drive cattle, herd, and guard.

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The beginning of the breed

The race is in the middle of the 19 e developed century, probably as a cross between English terriers and other dogs large otters. It is also believed that Gorden Setter and Scottish Shepherd dogs were involved in the genesis of the breed. The variety name consists of two parts. “Airdale” is probably derived from the River Aire in Yorkshire. The other part is “dale” (English: tall). Their robust physique, their characteristic reliability, and above all their versatility as a working dog, working dog, and rescue dog were well received after the first attempts at crossbreeding.

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A working dog, medical dog, and companion dog

The breed was first mentioned in 1880 at a dog show. Two years later, the breed was first listed in British Kennel Club stud books. In 1886 the breed was officially recognized. The dog quickly became known for his constant will to work, his courage, his high degree of reliability and loyalty and was used in various fields. Airedale Terrier did well as a service dog and medical dog and was used by the police, the army, and the Red Cross. The dog was also popular with London ladies who kept it as a companion dog.

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Breeding and distribution

The versatility of the Airedale Terrier, which was kept as a service dog, medical dog, family dog ​​, and companion dog, meant that the Airedale Terrier quickly spread beyond British borders. Today it is one of the most widely distributed terrier breeds. So it shouldn’t be a problem for people who are interested in an Airedale Terrier to find a breeder in your area. But does this breeder also suit you? After all, the decision to buy a puppy doesn’t just depend on the distance between where you live and the breeder, but on many other factors.

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What you should pay attention to when buying an Airedale Terrier

Initially, everyone in the family must agree with the arrival of a dog in general and in particular with the arrival of this purebred dog. The fact that the son or daughter thinks the neighbor’s dog is so cute and wants just such a dog is not a good reason to buy a puppy. You need to be aware of what keeping an Airedale Terrier entails, what characteristics to take into account and how much time it takes to challenge the dog physically and mentally.

People who often going on holiday by plane or traveling for business should give up the idea of ​​buying a dog. If this does not apply to you and your family is convinced that the Airedale Terrier is the right dog for you, it is best to visit several breeders before purchasing a dog. This is the best way to estimate whether the breeder is serious and with which guidelines he breeds. During a personal conversation, you will also quickly find out whether you find the breeder sympathetic and whether you are on the same page in terms of breed characteristics, attitude, and upbringing.

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Tips for the first meeting with a breeder

The breeder invites you to his home and is happy to show you the whereabouts of his animals and the mother. (You often don’t get to see the puppies during the first meeting because they are not yet born, because they are still too small or because the breeder wants to prevent you from buying immediately when you see the cute puppy on a whim.)
The breeder is affiliated with an official terrier association and has a lot of knowledge about the breed and experience.
The breeding animals were sufficiently examined before breeding and the puppies are delivered with all necessary papers such as a pedigree.
Before you take the puppy with you, it has been examined, vaccinated, and chipped.
The breeder inquires about your living conditions to find out if you qualify as a puppy owner. Be wary of breeders who want to get rid of their puppies as soon as possible and who are not interested in the welfare of their puppies.
The breeder asks for a reasonable price for his puppies (between 900 and 1,500 euros), so it is not a “bargain”.

Important health studies

An important aspect when purchasing an Airedale Terrier is of course health. Breeding animals from a serious breeder are tested for common hereditary diseases before breeding. The result is recorded and can be viewed at any time. Fortunately, the number of serious breed-typical illnesses in the Airedale Terrier is very low – if you don’t count “exhibition dogs” as the breeding goal is the appearance and not the health or character of the dog. To keep the breed healthy, various diseases are tested such as Hip Dysplasia (HD), Elbow Dysplasia (ED), and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). In addition, it is recommended to examine the genetic material for the hereditary disease “Juvenile Renal Disease” (JRD).

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Airedale Terrier food

The fact that a balanced diet can make a major contribution to well-being and even positively influence the course of diseases is known to most people. Many dog ​​owners also know that the health of their four-legged friend depends to a large extent on the right diet. For many owners, it is therefore not easy to choose the best food for their animal from the large feed range. But don’t worry:

If you take the time, you will quickly find out what you should pay attention to when choosing the right food. a who once has found the right food for his dog, he can continue to feed it for a long time. Because, unlike humans, the dog’s body does not need constant change – on the contrary: changing food too often puts a heavy burden on the digestion of our four-legged friends.

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How do I find the right food for the Airedale Terrier?

Normally, Airedale Terriers tolerate the food very well – it doesn’t matter whether you feed the dog ready-made dry food or wet food, or if you give it cooked or raw food. If your dog is not prone to allergies, is not overweight, and has no other illness that requires a special diet, you should think about which dog food is best for your dog. Do you have time in everyday life to cook for your dog? Do you feel like putting together the food yourself and buying high-quality food for your four-legged friend? Or do you need ready-made feed that is ready quickly and that you can rely on? In general, you can feed your dog healthily with any kind of dog food – provided you pay attention to a few things. Don’t be insecure by opinions on internet forums or other dog owners you meet while walking. If you’re unsure, talk to your vet or experienced terrier breeders.

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Advantages and disadvantages in the choice of feed

While there is cooking for yourself or BARF a little knowledge is needed to ensure that the dog gets all the nutrients, ready-made food is generally formulated in such a way that the dog gets all the nutrients. But unfortunately, many ready-made dog food contains ingredients that actually have nothing to do there. These include excess fillers such as grain, artificial flavor enhancers, chemical preservatives, and sugar. When choosing ready-made food, you should therefore carefully look at the ingredients list on the packaging.

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Care of the Airedale Terrier

To keep your dog healthy, of course, you have to provide appropriate care. The hair should be trimmed regularly to maintain the color and shine of the coat. When trimming, dead hairs are removed so that there is room for new healthy hairs. From the moment the Airedale Terrier is six months old, he must be trimmed three to four times a year, so every three or four months. Alternatively, you can also trim a certain body part every four weeks, for example, the head, the front, and hind legs, back, neck, or the rear part. The advantage is that your dog only has to sit still for a short time and not three to four hours when the whole body is trimmed at once.

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Does the Airedale Terrier need to be kept busy?

His suitability as a family dog ​​also largely depends on whether he is kept busy and gets enough exercise in addition to a consistent upbringing. Daily walking should absolutely be supplemented with dog sports, hunting activities, or other games. The dog can also go jogging, cycling, inline skating, or horseback riding. A house with its own garden is an advantage for this vital, lively dog.

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No dog for house sparrows

It goes without saying that this cheerful, enterprising dog is no couch potato buddy. Owners should also be sporty themselves and have plenty of free time to spend time outdoors with their dogs. If you meet these requirements, you will have a lot of fun with the Airedale Terrier.

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