Beauceron Puppy

Beauceron puppy

The robust Beauceron with its short, dense coat, thanks to its self-assured and dominant demeanor, needs an experienced owner who will raise it with loving and consistent care.

The robust Beauceron with the short hair and dense coat, because of his self-confidence and his dominant character, needs an experienced dog owner, who raises him with a lot of love and consistency.


The French purebred dog certainly does not lack self-awareness. But considering that the original herding dog used to be able to easily control a herd of 200 to 300 animals while protecting the shepherd, that’s okay. The independence that was necessary and desirable for this task is nowadays often seen as willfulness, stubbornness and even stubbornness. Indeed, the Beauceron tends towards dominance. That’s why he needs a strong leader.

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Dominant but docile

Nevertheless, this dog loves his family and above all his “pack leader”. If his owner takes his quirks for granted and gives him plenty of exercise and activities, in addition to a loving yet consistent upbringing, he will have an incredibly loyal and reliable partner by his side who would protect his owner in an emergency. A dog that is well trained and sufficiently challenged both physically and mentally is docile and obedient. He listens quickly to commands and performs the tasks assigned to him with great pleasure.

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Is the Beauceron a Problematic Dog?

His temperament and impressive stamina come during his upbringing well. But of course, these qualities also require an active sovereign leader who has enough energy of his own to keep up with this energy bundle. If the dog is not sufficiently challenged, his innate protective instinct and tendency to independence quickly become a problem. In some countries, for this reason, he is on the list of dangerous dog breeds and can only be kept with permission.

If not used as a sheepdog, police service dog, or rescue dog, the intelligent dog definitely needs to be challenged in some other way. A good alternative is dog sports. Fooling around in nature and taking on new challenges not only ensures a balanced dog, but also a strong bond between the dog and its owner.

Beauceron puppy

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Observant watchdog

No matter how close he is to his owner, the dog is suspicious of strangers. However, it is not his habit to bark loudly. He’s more likely to watch the stranger from a distance. The dog will not miss anything and it will certainly not shy away from an attacker. If he is convinced that his family is not in danger, he also likes to be petted by strangers – of course always on the condition that the Beauceron sees his owner as a pack leader so that he knows that he can rely on his judgment.

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In general, there is no danger when you have this brave fearless dog by your side. Most people would rather not have a showdown with a Beauceron. With a height of up to 70 cm in males, a stately weight of up to 50 kg, and a sporty physique, the dog looks without a doubt impressive. The dog makes an attentive and self-confident impression with his ears that are half up but not against his head and his awake look.

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Red Stockings

The short coat with the dense undercoat protects the robust pedigree dog against any type of weather. The Beauceron comes in three colors: 1 black with rusty brown markings, 2 blue with rusty brown markings, and 3 gray mottled with black and squirrel brown, the so-called Arlequin variant. In all variants, the legs are rust-brown. That is why it is also referred to as ‘red stockings’.

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Double dewclaw

Just as characteristic as the red stockings are the double dewclaws of the Beauceron. They should be set on as deep as possible so that they increase the plains of the hind legs. The claws gave the former sheepdog more grip, for example when running through the sand or in the sheepfold. Although this is no longer necessary, it is a sign of the purity of this breed. It is a special feature compared to other dog breeds.

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The history of Beauceron is closely linked to the history of sheep herding in France. Until the end of the 19 e century, there were shepherds in France several types crossed and were bred by their ability to work and their commitment as a sheepdog. As industrialization made it less common to keep sheep, the Beauceron was used on the farm as a reliable watchdog to guard and defend his farm.

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Although the ancestors of the shepherd in the Middle Ages already mentioned in sources, developed the breed as we know it today, the day is not until the end of the 19 e century. The history of normalization is closely linked to the history of the Briard. The two races were seen as one and the same until some time. It was not until 1888 that the two breeds were separated from each other by the French cynologist and veterinarian. The newly founded “Club Français du Chien de Berger” developed several standards; the long-haired “Chien de Berger de Brie” (Briard) and the short-haired “Chien de Berger de Beauce” (Beauceron).

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A rare Frenchman

Shortly after the creation of the first club calling itself “Club des Amis du Beauceron” (Club of the Beauceron Friends), the new breed of dog was recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). The breed is fed under the standard number 44, group 1 (sheepdogs and drovers). To this day, Beauceron, which is also called “Chien de Beauce” because of its geographical origin, is primarily found in France and neighboring Belgium. In his country of origin, about 3000 to 3500 Beauceron puppies are registered every year. Outside of France, the Beauceron is a rare breed.

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Breeding and the purchase of a puppy

If you are interested in a Beauceron, you should know that a healthy puppy cannot be obtained overnight. Not only should the purchase of the purebred dog be well thought out, but also the choice of a suitable breeder. It is not uncommon for a puppy with a healthy pedigree to wait several months. If you are convinced that this is the right breed for you and can provide the discerning dog with everything it needs, your patience will certainly be rewarded.

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How do I find a suitable breeder?

Breeders who are members of the Beauceron breed club are generally serious breeders. But seriously does not automatically mean that this breeder is the right contact for you. Unlike with the purchase of a car, you will probably still have frequent contact after purchasing the dog. Experienced breeders are happy to help you with questions about the nutrition, education, and health of your dog and they give valuable tips.

Not only the dog but also the breeder must appear sympathetic to you. It is best to visit the breeder several times. Even if the first impression is correct, go a little more often before bringing a puppy home. A good breeder will be happy to receive you, answer your questions, and willingly show you his animals and their habitat. Don’t be surprised if the breeder also bombards you with questions. After all, a breeder who breeds with a lot of love and passion wants to know where his puppy will end up.

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When choosing a puppy, it is of course also important that the animals have all the necessary papers, are vaccinated, and have passed all health tests. Unlike many other dog breeds, the Beauceron generally does not have to be afraid of breed-specific diseases. This purebred dog did not suffer the same fate as many “fashion dogs”. As a result, he has retained his robustness and resistance as a former herding dog. Nevertheless, hip or elbow dysplasia (HD, ED), stomach rotation, or epilepsy occur in a few cases.

Beauceron puppy

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Beauceron nutrition

To prevent joint problems, stomach rotation or other diseases, a healthy and balanced diet of your dog is very important. It ensures that he is supplied with all important nutrients and minerals, that he develops well, and has a long and healthy life.

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What food does a Beauceron need?

Because the nutritional requirement per dog is different and the energy requirement depends on the movement, age, and weight of the animal, this question cannot be answered equally for all dogs. It is best to ask a vet or breeder which food is the right one for your Beauceron.

An adult dog without health restrictions, it should be feed to meet the basic conditions below.

High meat content (approx. 70-80 percent) for the supply of proteins.Vegetables (about 20 percent) for important minerals and vitamins.
Natural carbohydrates (about 10 percent).
Omega-3 fatty acids / omega-6 fatty acids, for example in fish oil (for coat and skin health).
No wheat, soy or other unnecessary fillers.
Without sugar or other sweeteners.
Free from artificial flavor enhancers.
It is advisable to divide the daily amount of  food over two meals a day. Your dog will quickly adjust to these fixed feeding times and give up begging between meals. You should avoid too many treats in between because of your dog’s weight. Fresh drinking water must always be available.

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Fixed times are not only advisable for meals, but also for the care of your dog. Let your dog get used to the necessary grooming rituals from an early age. Take the time to regularly check and clean your four-legged friend’s coat, ears, nails, teeth, and gums. Thanks to the short, hard coat, it is enough if you wipe the coat with a cloth once a day. Ears, teeth, and gums should be cleaned once a week. The nails (and dewclaw) should also be trimmed from time to time to prevent injuries.

The sooner and more regularly you perform the grooming procedure, the faster the dog will learn to sit still. Otherwise, cleaning an adult Beauceron’s teeth can be challenging.

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The Beauceron is a large and very powerful dog. So it also takes a strong leader to keep the energy bundle in check. His owner must therefore be strong both mentally and physically. Of course, there will be no owner who, like the Beauceron, is able to cover a distance of 100 km per day, but the owner must still have enough stamina and strength to be able to give his sporty dog ​​enough exercise and to rescue him in an emergency. to keep on the line.

Beauceron puppy

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Which activities are suitable for the Beauceron?

As a former working dog, the Beauceron is used to covering several miles in a day. He carries out his task with great pleasure and independence. He must therefore still be given sufficient exercise and kept busy today. Training as a service and protection dog, looking for tracks, or as an avalanche dog: these are ideal options for this dog that likes to be put to work. Dog sport (link) also offers a solution. Obedience, agility, or mantrailing, the fast agile, and intelligent Beauceron enjoys almost every sport of dog. He also likes to go jogging, cycling or going on a ride with his owner. However, you should not forget that it is also just as important to challenge him mentally.

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Education is important

A dog that is sufficiently challenged physically and mentally does not have to look for assignments of its own and will also integrate docilely into the family. It is claimed that the Beauceron is easy to train. However, that is not correct. He is very willing to follow his owner’s commands and is an eager learner who picks things up quickly, but only if he has sufficient challenge and can exercise enough. The Beauceron does not like rude behavior or a hard hand. Even small outliers will not easily forgive the proud dog.

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Final Words

There is no doubt about it – keeping a Beauceron requires not only a lot of strength, knowledge, and consistent training but also empathy. You need to know how to handle your demanding dog and when to give him a little rest in addition to all the activities. Because relaxation also does him good!


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