Bernedoodle Puppies

Berne doodle

Bernedoodles are fluffy and eye-catching charmers. They are designer dogs or progeny of two pure dog breeds crossed with each other. In the Bernedoodle, these two breeds are a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle

Berne doodle
Lovers of designer dogs prefer a balanced mix between Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle for a beautiful Bernedoodle.

Sometimes, however, nature makes short shrift of this wish: the dog then looks more like a poodle. There is hardly a trace of the Mountain Dog. The other way around can also be the case.

Bernedoodle Characteristics

The size of the Bernedoodle is very dependent on the Poodle genes: when crossing with a King Poodle, the offspring has a height of 45 to 58 centimeters at the withers. If the Poodle is smaller, so is the Bernedoodle.

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Further characteristics of a mix are:

Woolly coat.
Elegant, muscular physique.
Almost all coat colors are possible, from white to black.
Popular: the typical three colors of the Bernese Mountain Dog.
The weight depends on poodle genes, up to 40 kilograms.

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Friendly nature lover

The intelligence of the poodle is combined with the good-naturedness of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Does that sound like a good mix? Absolute! Not all Bernedoodles meet this ideal in terms of character.

Some, like part Poodles, tend to hunt or are more likely than their Doodle owners expect. Even if the poodle has a reputation for being a spoiled lap dog, both parent breeds are true to nature lovers. They love to be outside in all weathers.

Most dogs are also friendly to humans and animals. Some animals may be more distant towards strangers. As with any dog, the upbringing a lot of time. Usually, however, Bernedoodles are well trained by beginners.

In terms of character, of course, not only the genes but also the socialization and important development phases. A responsible breeder attaches great importance to this.

Posture and care
Sports and activities
Health and life expectancy
Purchase and alternatives

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Summary: The Bernedoodle is a lovable mishmash

Behind names with “-doodle” there is often simply a motive from the supplier to sell a mix for a high price. However, the four-legged friends are very charming. When well socialized and lovingly raised they are sympathetic and friendly dogs. However, the beautiful appearance should not distract from the fact that grooming takes a lot of time and the energy level is unpredictable.


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