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Strawfield super chews for cats
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Product Description

Cat super chewsCat super chews

cat Super chewcat Super chew

cat probiotics

cat probiotics







Powerful Probiotics

Immune health starts in the gut, which is why we use 2 Billion CFU’s and 5 clinically tested bacterial strains per chew, which makes gut health a breeze. Probiotics are also shown to reduce cat allergies, constipation, gas, bad breath, & itchy skin.

L-Lysine for Cats

L-Lysine has been shown to help reduce future herpes virus outbreaks in cats, when taken on a regular basis. It helps boost your cat’s immune system and aids in overall health.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil has some mighty benefits for cats. We pack each Super Chew with 50mg of Salmon Oil, which supports the health of the skin, coat, joints, heart and immune system.


Not only does the addition of Catnip make our Super Chews yummy, it also has some calming benefits as well. Catnip contains nepetalactone, which can improve relaxation, boost mood and reduce anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness in your kitty.

made in the usa

made in the usa


filler free

filler free





Made in America

As a veteran & family owned company, we take pride in the fact that all of our products are made right here in the USA.

All Strawfield Pets products are made in a federally regulated laboratory so you can trust the premium quality of our Super Chews for Cats.

100% Grain Free

All Strawfield Pet Products contain NO gluten, grain, dairy, wheat, soy, sugar, salt or artificial additives.

Because we don’t use fillers in our products, you can be confident you’re giving your pet exactly what they need.

Count on Quality

At Strawfield Pets, we take pride in the quality of our products. All of our products are in small batches & independently lab tested for safety before ever leaving our facility.

We use the highest quality organic and natural ingredients whenever possible to help you create a vibrant healthy life for your pet.

What is it?

Pre & Probiotic Powder for Cats is a probiotic supplement for cats to help with digestion, immune system function and overall health.

Daily supplement for cats to help with the feline herpes virus, immune system function and overall health.

Alcohol Free Ear Cleaner for Dogs & Cats to treat a variety of ear problems.

Pure wild caught salmon oil for dogs & cats + virgin organic hemp.

Antispectic Wipes for Cats, Dogs & Horses with Chlorhexidine + Ketoconazole and Aloe

Key Ingredients

20 Probiotic Bacterial Strains, 5 Billion CFU


Glycerine, Polysorbate-80, Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate, Chloroxylenol, Salicylic Acid, Disodium EDTA, Aloe Barbadensis

Salmon Oil & Hemp Oil

Chlorhexidine Gluconate & Ketoconazole

Compatible with Super Chews?

Benefits of Use

For cat allergies, constipation relief, gas, bad breath, hot spot treatment, itchy skin relief.

Helps treat feline herpes, herpesvirus, cough, cat sneezing, runny nose, congestion, colds.

Keep your pet’s ears clean and free of debris.

The Salmon fish oil and Hemp contain powerful Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which contain EPA and DHA to support skin, coat, joint, immune, and heart health for any dog or cat.

Treats a variety of skin conditions, including cat acne.

? DIGESTIVE SUPPORT FOR CATS – 2 Billon CFU cat probiotic w/ 5 strains specifically formulated for felines. Helps prevent cat urinary tract infection, bad cat breath, cat diarrhea medicine, constipation relief, & gas. Best for a healthy feline flora
? IMMUNE BOOSTER FOR CATS – We included L Lysine for cats, a natural amino acid that treats & prevents upper respiratory infection, cat cold, herpes, eye infection, herpesvirus, cough, sneezing, runny nose & congestion without the use of medication or antibiotics
? CAT DRY SKIN TREATMENT & HEALTHY COAT – We added Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil for cats for dry itchy skin relief, allergies, hot spot treatment, reduce shedding, itching, & joint supplement. They love the taste of our salmon cat treats!
? 100% Made IN THE USA – Strawfield Pets cat products & cat supplies are made with natural ingredients, crafted in small batches & independently lab tested for safety & purrfection for your cat or kitten. Our cat supplements & vitamins contain NO gluten, grain, dairy, wheat, soy, sugar, salt, artificial additives


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  1. Leslie Ann Rodriguez

    Smell isn’t that bad, very light aroma too

    I was a little worried because they look a little like tiny hay pellets. (The ones you feed to rabbits)But I originally purchased CatMX probiotics (petsmart) for my 6year old FIV+ cat and THESE smell SO MUCH BETTER than those. (CatMX made me gag)The smell isn’t a tasty one but it isn’t bad either, it’s also a very light smell.It took my picky cat quite a while to eat the CatMX probiotics (I had to soak them in canned food)But THESE he took to immediately!Depending on how well they work for his tummy I may just end up purchasing a subscription

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  2. JudeFromMo

    Healthier Cats, Less Illness

    My cats love these. I have two cats and my big yellow male cat has had really stiff dry fur. All of a sudden since I have been giving him this cat probiotic his her is soft and shiny. He is a cat Who has asthma, too . I have him on an inhaler but he still has episodes occasionally but they seem far less since we have started These Super Chews. I think they will pay off and less illness and if you were veterinarian bills and healthier cats!

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  3. Amazon Customer

    My cats would not eat it.

    I really wanted my blk/white cat to like these. This big boy will basically eat anything, but this! As you can see they played with it on the floor, but that was it. I hate putting the lysine in his food because I know it changes the taste and he really enjoys his meals. This would have been a perfect answer.

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  4. Connie Coluzzi

    My cats were not fans ??‍♀️

    I bought these for my cat that has a sinus issue because lysine is helpful to clear up the mucus in his lungs.He hated these lol ?I understand that sometimes things are hit or a miss so I’m not disappointed about it. But just so you are aware (in case you wanna order them) they smell very strong and not the yummy kind of smell lol. They are bite size and slightly hard. My cat was not interested after the first wiff.I also have another cat that eats EVERYTHING cat food/treat related when it’s put in front of him and even he didn’t eat them.Like I said, I’m not disappointed, trying new treats and things always has a 50/50 chance and fortunately I could afford to lose the money on it. Just be warned that it may be more of a miss than a hit for your cat if they don’t like super stinky treats. ??‍♀️

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  5. Karen

    Cat hates these

    Sadly, my cat hates these, and he is not a fussy eater. They do not smell good like cat treats, funny smell. So, it was a pretty big expense for something that is useless. The shipping was fine, so I gave a rating of 2 stars.

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  6. Karla

    Cat Won’t Eat Them

    These are horrible. My cat who is like a dog and will eat nearly anything, turned his nose up at these. I even tried crumbling them and mixing it with treats he likes. He ate everything except for these. Not sure if they work, but my non-picky cat won’t touch them.

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  7. Rachel

    Cats didn’t like it

    I bought it for one cat specifically who is really fluffy and had dry skin, and he didn’t touch it. The other cat didn’t either. They definitely smelled super fishy, so no doubt the nutrients were in there, but the cats weren’t interested at all.

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  8. zuleika sanchez

    My cat is a ball full of energy!!!

    My beautiful fluffy cat Ginger who is 8 years old is finnicky and very picky with foods! She is the pickiest cat ever but she loves these Tuna flavors bites!! I got these to maintain Ginger’s health and her fur has been growing and is fluffier than ever! she has lots of energy and is also becoming a lot sweeter!

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  9. Rottweilerlvr

    My cats won’t eat

    Waste of money.. Neither one of my cats will eat it.. I have a elder 10 year old bengal cat and 2 year old mix breed cat, both are great eaters. Don’t recommend buying. I have a full bottle and no one that will eat it taking up space on my counter. Don’t be me.

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  10. LucyGoosey

    Yummy in my cats tummy!

    Great for my cat! I think she goes to the bathroom better and hasn’t been trying to hack up furballs as much. She likes the taste. She was wanting snacks one night and tried to get into the can while we were sleeping, so we know she likes it! Thought it was pricey, but it does everything I wanted it to and it lasts a long time! Good product, USA made!

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  11. Michelle E. Duffy

    1 cat out of 6 liked these

    I have 6 cats. The cat who I really wanted to eat this (because of his health) loved these the first day I gave them these. The next day he wouldn’t even look at it. The healthiest cat I have is the only one who will eat these. At least it’s not a complete waste of money.

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  12. Mary

    A versatile cat supplement

    We have a couple of kitties in our household and I have been searching for a combination supplement to minimize food prep time for them daily. I have tried a combination of chews and powders (omega 3, lysine, probiotics) but it takes more time to individually dispense them on their food. I am so glad to find this on Amazon, I have been looking for a product like this! All the supplements that my kitties need in one chewable piece. The best way to give this to your kitties if they are picky is to press and crush the chewable piece with a metal teaspoon (plastic ones will break) and mix/fold it with their wet food. So far they are eating them with their wet food daily and I am really pleased!

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  13. Jackie J

    My cats wouldn’t eat them

    My one cat is a picky eater. My other will eat just about anything. Neither of them would eat these treats. They are dry and something about them my cats sniffed, licked, sniffed again and walked away upset they didn’t get a tasty treat like they expected.I was able to get a refund rather quickly. So am giving 3 stars for that. I was really hoping these treats would be approved by my furry friends, because the only other L-lysine chews I can find have sugar in them. I didn’t want to give my cats sugar but they eat up the other treats and their allergies are going away the longer they eat them daily.I don’t know if other cats will or won’t like them. I say give it a try. It’ll be worth it if your cat does because these are the only treats I’ve found so far that don’t have sugar in them with L-lysine.

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  14. Stephenie Gollier

    Maybe not as finicky as ours

    Our cat has chronic respiratory illnessbut he refuses to eat these chews.We mush them up and try to camouflage them in his canned food.Sometimes he still leaves most of the pellet pieces in the bowl.

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  15. Kay Jay

    Shiny coats for my super cats

    My cats have eaten these happily once daily for the last few weeks. Their coats seem much shinier. I wanted to try these for one of my cats whose coat had been dull and dry. Seems to have corrected that issue. The cats also seem to really like how they taste.

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  16. Glenda Harris

    My cat loves this treat and it has brought him more energy

    My 10 year old ragdoll cat was suffering the last 6 months with dander and lethargy. The vet was not concerned and told me to just adjust to his new condition. I saw this product on Amazon and decided to try it. He loves the flavor. I give him 1 per day. In one week his hair and attitude have improved 100 %. He is more active, no more dander and his hair is shiny and soft. His sister who never had any of these problems has no interest in these treats at all. I noticed that the reviews of this product were mixed. It may be if your cat needs the nutrients in this product they may be more attracted to it than if they don’t. My big beautiful cat and I are very happy with this product.

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  17. Merri Oakley

    Kitty Loves Them!

    My vet suggested lysine for my Devon Rex. She wasn’t interested in these at all until I put it on her dry food, sort of like a cherry on top. She’s an enthusiastic eater, so I hoped she’d eat the treat without knowing. That worked at first. Now she’s decided she loves them and she runs over and eats it off the top immediately after I put it there. They’ve really helped get her feline herpes under control. No flare ups since she’s been eating them.

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  18. M. McCafferty

    Helps keep your cats healthy!

    I have 7 rescue cats. They each got one chew the day they arrived. They loved them! And, I have peace of mind that they’re getting the best care that I can give them. Thank you, Strawfield!

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  19. rhalc

    Prime for our Male Cat

    We have one Scottish Fold Male (unaltered) that will do tricks for these things. We look at them more as a superior supplement but don’t mind if we can train a cat to do tricks for it.The female has another favorite, and she’ll do tricks for that. But the point is that we want to get the proper balance of supplements into the male cat!For those of you who say that their cat doesn’t like them, ok, I don’t like cayenne peppers. It’s a cat, and they’re allowed to have preferences just like we do. I take it also like a bit of a sign that of what a cat really needs in nutrition. There just may be an internal desire or desire for select nutrients based upon deficiencies.But to the right cat, these are top-notch.We only have one complaint – we can’t order them from anywhere as they’re out of stock! My cat is so sad…

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  20. Pat

    Healthy ingredients but…

    The ingredients seem to be very good; however, my 13 year old Ragdoll cat took one sniff and walked away from the treat. She would not eat it. I gave it three stars for the ingredients. I believe the aroma turned my cat off. Hopefully, I am able to return this because it is quite expensive and a waste of money since my cat refuses to eat it.

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    Strawfield super chews for cats
    Strawfield super chews for cats


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