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SunGrow Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Kit with Priming Bulb, 65-inches, 2-Minutes to Assemble, BPA Free, Easy-to-Use, Perfect for Small Fish Tanks

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Product Description


Manual Hand pump Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Kit

BPA-Free Siphon, Durable plastic. Assembles in 2 Minutes.

Netted nozzle attachment at the end of the long flexible hose drains dirty water without sucking up gravel or fish.

No mess! Makes changing your water easier, thus facilitating more frequent water changes – No Need to Remove Fish or Plants

Perfect for Cleaning Small Fish Tank

Small PumpSmall Pump

If you own a home Aquarium you know that an important part of maintaining a healthy environment for your fish is regular water changes.

Tanks of every size can benefit from this practice, but this can be a stressful process! Not only are traditional water changing methods messy and time consuming, they create unnecessary anxiety for you and your fish. If you dread when it comes time to change the water, we don’t blame you!

We’ve got a better way!

The SunGrow Aquarium Cleaning Pump is a siphon system designed to make changing your tank water quick and efficient!

Our durable, lightweight tubing reaches deep into aquarium corners so your hands stay dry. Our system easily assembles for use in just minutes and disassembles just as quickly for cleaning

The SunGrow Aquarium Cleaning Pump kit comes with a short nozzle, strong flexible tubing, operation/pump bulb and discharge hose.

Every component of the SunGrow Aquarium Cleaning Pump is made with lightweight, durable, high-quality, BPA-free plastic making it safe not only for your fishes, but for you as well. The best part is, this system doesn’t stress or cause harm to your aquarium fishes while it is being used.

boy, fish tankboy, fish tank

Stress Free Cleaning

Avoid the shock of moving your fish to clean their tank.

Our netted nozzle means your fish and plants can stay safely in their tank while you siphon out debris

Designed especially for Aquarium Owners

hand, squeeze, hold

hand, squeeze, hold

netted, nozzle, hold, head

netted, nozzle, hold, head



Easy Squeeze Pump

Imitation products are made with rigid, inflexible plastics which are hard to squeeze and quickly tire your hand. Our specially selected, BPA-free plastic pump ensures you’ll never strain your grip while pumping.

Netted Nozzle Head

Unlike regular aquarium pumps, our netted nozzle head allows you to pump debris and waste up from the bottom of your tank, while ensuring your fish are protected, and aquarium gravel, plants or decorations aren’t dislodged.

Long, Wide Flexible Tubing

Other pumps have stiff tubing that is difficult to control, and can clog easily. Our 43 inch long flexible tubing reaches deep into tanks and maneuvers easily without bending or pinching, clogging the flow.


How to Use

•In order for the siphon to pump efficiently, the source liquid must be elevated above the container you’re transferring the water to

•Put a large bucket or bowl lower than the tank to collect the water

•To start suction, squeeze the hand pump vigorously until you begin to see water flowing up the tube

•To maintain the flow, keep constant squeezing motion going until water is free flowing

•To stop flow, lift the netted nozzle end out of the water BEFORE bucket is full

✔ ROUTINE MAINTENANCE MADE EASY — Every SunGrow fish tank substrate cleaner comes with a short nozzle with nozzle net, flexible standard tubing, operation/pump bulb and discharge hose. While all these parts can be adjusted and modified as per your needs, the operation bulb or the hand starter is its unique component that sets it apart from other similar items in the market.
✔ FREQUENT WATER CHANGE ENSURES HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT — Without water changes, invisible toxins build up in your tank creating toxic environment for your inhabitants. But, with the kink-resistant siphon cleaner by SunGrow, you can do it frequently and it will not take much of your time. This no-spill system is made high quality to not let aquarium fish get hurt or even disturbed while it is being used to transfer water.
✔ 2-MINUTES TO SETUP — The short nozzle feature of SunGrow Aquarium sand and substrate cleaner is perfect when you want to replenish or drain water out of your tank. Just place the nozzle in your tank. For convenience, attach it with a suction cup. This will make work easier for you because you don’t need to hold it while draining out water! Press on, or squeeze the pump bulb 5 to 7 times and the water will start to flow out of the nozzle. See the description below for more details.
✔ HASSLE-FREE STORAGE- The flexible siphon pump helps preventing the small gravel and debris from going into the hose. Not only that, after it has done the deed, it won’t give you a hard time thinking where you would store it, as it can be placed practically anywhere! With its strategic portable design, you can keep it in any place you want where you can easily access it the next time you need it.


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