Top 07 Dog Collars in 2020


The dog collar has multiple functions to attach leashes repel parasites or to locate your dog in the dark, each dog or each master to his need. Is it time for your dear pet to have a new collar but you don’t know what type or model to get for him?

You are right to ask yourself the question. There are many different models from one collar to another, the sizes generally vary from xs to xl around 15 to 65 centimeters. All you need to do is measure your dog’s neck before going ahead with the purchase. 

Without further ado here are the seven best dog collars on the market.

Blueberry pet floral collection the blueberry pet collar is a non-stretch product that will prevent your dog from chewing and it is available in different patterns. The pet collar is just one single product, however its matching lanyard and matching leash are sold separately. Its high density polyester design makes it a soft and durable product.

It has the following features:

  1. Buckle made of eco-friendly plastic.

  2. Collar made of durable polyester prevents pets from chewing.

  3. Beautiful floral prints.

  4. Very lightweight.

The d-ring is free of nickel and therefore adds durability to the model, however its buckles are manufactured with safe to use and eco-friendly plastic material. It’s suitable for dogs with 14.5 to 20 inches next size it is not suitable as a tie outside collar, don’t leave the collar on the dog while unattended to.

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2. RC Pet Products Adjustable Collar

The RC model is a dog clip collar that is adjustable and reflective, it comes with a D ring that is made of nickel. Its medium size makes it adjustable to neck sizes of around 12″ to 20″ inches and it is also available in larger and smaller dimensions. The soft collar is ideal for puppies who may benefit from a softer grip because it is made from fine soft material. The RC collar is very flexible and available in five sizes.

It has the following features:

  1. Reflectivity for night visibility

  2.  Available in 30 plus patterns

  3.  The collar is machine washable

  4.  Soft and durable webbing

  5.  Safe and secure plastic clip

puppies most especially those at the start of their training, don’t need the size and strength of larger collars and this model protects them safely without getting in their way. The 30 plus patterns are also accompanied by the reflectivity of the collar this makes the collar and the pet visible during night time

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3. Blueberry Pet Neoprene

Blueberry pet neoprene made of polyester and neoprene, the blueberry pet product is a 12 pattern padded dog collar. It comes in aesthetic flower print and available in small medium and large sizes.

It can be used on dogs measuring 14.5″ to 20″ inches. Its entire webbing width is an inch.

It has the following features:

  1. Prevents your dog from chewing.

  2. Eco-friendly plastic. 

  3. Chrome coated metal d-ring. 

  4. Very durable collar. 

  5. Wide range of patterns to pick from.

However, it doesn’t stretch. It is therefore not recommended for use on dogs without supervision and it cannot be used to tie dogs outside but for a walk. Its harnessed and leash are sold separately.

Blueberry pet collar is just one single product. The loop tied around the collar’s logo is meant for the attachment of tags pendants, dog charms, and other accessories but dog leash.

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4. Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

The major differentials of the ILLUMISEEN dog collar are that it is an electric model with led. When night falls it becomes risky for four-legged animals to walk outside or be walked down the road, indeed they could for example be knocked down by a vehicle. To remedy this it is recommended to put this accessory on it.

It has the following features:

  1. Rechargeable by USB.

  2. The led lights dogs safe and visible.

  3.  Sturdy lightweight and durable material.

  4. Available in yellow red green pink orange and blue colors.

  5. Lifetime warranty

It is a model with led lights that can light up when needed. This product is made of a high quality design which reinforces its reliability, for power just charge it with a USB plug. The battery has an autonomy of 5 hours of usage for every full charge.

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5. Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar

Have you ever thought of the uniqueness a personalized caller can bring? Imagine your caller bearing the name of your pet dog or even your personal phone number. 

The custom catch model is a personalized dog collar with soft leather material and it is available in “XS” , “M”, and “XL” large sizes. It is shipped from the US. You can choose from soft pink, green, blue, orange, red, or yellow leather.

It has the following features

  1. Customizability.

  2.  Different colors and text sizes to choose from.

  3.  Made of soft real leather.

  4. For all dog sizes.

  5. Real value for the money.

For medium and large sizes the collar has a one inch width, the small size has a three quarters inch width, while the “XS” size has a width of one half inch size. 

The extra small ‘XS’ collar can be used on dogs with 8.5′ to 11′ inches neck sizes. The small collar “S” can be used on small dogs with a neck size of 11.5″ to 14″ inches. Tor size “M” the neck measurement is 11.5″ to 14″ inches and for dogs with large necks the measurement is between 18″ to 22″ inches.

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6. Black Rhino Comfort Collar

This black rhino model is a very soft and neoprene padded dog collar. It is heavy duty and adjustable model with reflective materials. Weatherproof, the collar is usable on your pets in all weather conditions. 

It has the following features 

  1. Neoprene padding for extra comfort.

  2.  Usable in all outdoor conditions.

  3. Lightweight and heavy duty.

  4. Reflective stitching makes dogs seen invisible at night.

  5. Available in “XS” to “XL” sizes.

The neoprene padding gives the dog all the comfort. It deserves the collar has a soft lining that protects the neck of the dog from irritation. “The manufacturer claims the neoprene dries easily after use in water or rain and is resistant to odor”.

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7. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather

Leather dog collars are usually durable and attractive, if you’re set to transform your rubber or nylon collar into a stylish leather type. The soft touch dog collar outperforms its competitors. 

What makes it the best dog collar on the market is that despite its low budget, this collar seems much more expensive. It is even backed by a lifelong warranty. 

It has the following features:

  1. Made of genuine leather.

  2. A value for the money.

  3. Collar available in black, brown, turquoise. and Three other colors.

  4.  For all dog sizes.

  5.  Lifetime guarantee.

 The collar is made from genuine leather and brass rings. It comes in four different sizes. However, we suggest leather collars for larger puppies with larger necks because collars of leather materials are slightly harder but less flexible. Please ensure your dog isn’t sensitive to leather before choosing this type of material. Meanwhile, users marvel at the allure of the leather collar. They say “it looks great in any decor”. If you need to offer your pet well-made luxury then the leather collar is just perfect thanks to its natural tan.

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There are countless models of dog collars with different manufacturing materials, styles, colors, patterns, and designs on the market. From models made of leather, nylon straps, polyester materials, metal to those with reflective shine, and more choosing one can be complicated. However, with this review of the best dog collars making the right purchase has just been simplified. So go through it again and select the right color that suits your budget.

Which one do you think is the best, comment below and do not forget to share this article with your friends.

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