Top 10 Best Grain Free Dog Foods in 2020


There is an age-old adage you are what you eat. It holds true for people and also for your pets especially dogs if you are a dog owner and you want to give your dog healthy food then this article is worth reading till the end.

We have looked at the 10 healthiest dog food brands and ranked them from the 10th to the first, while also giving you insights on why the dog food from each brand is a healthy option for your dog these brands are widely regarded as very healthy food brands for your dogs for various reasons right from the food components to their outlook and also the reputation they have built up over the years.

If you have had a dog for a while you will already know that there is no single answer to what is the healthiest food for your dog different dogs at different times need different types of food if your dog is allergic to grain then you will need to find a grain-free dog food.

If it is irritable bowel then you will have to give your pet food that is easy on the digestive system and helps your dog recover if your dog is growing old and has arthritis then you will have to choose a very different food plan for your pet. However, in the midst of all these choices, one thing you can do is choose the healthiest dog food brands that are out there.

It will at least eliminate dog food that is harmful to your dog stuff that has too much processing too many preservatives or harmful chemical ingredients going for natural dog food is great but what if the natural or grain-free stamp on the pack is just a marketing gimmick, that is why you need to know the most trusted and healthiest dog food brands before buying food for your pet.

Before we launch into the list of the top 10 healthiest dog food brands in the market today, let us state that finding the best dog food for your own dog is always a process of trial and error starting out with the most reputed trusted and widely acknowledged as healthiest dog food brands just eliminate any brands that are potentially harmful we start with the origin six fish dog food brand ranked at number 10.

The Origin six fish range of dog food mainly contains fish. The brand believes in letting dog owners know the exact source of their dog food. Origin six fish dog food is made from fish that are caught sustainably in the cold Atlantic waters near new England, they are caught in the wild and Origin does not farm these fish, as a brand, they want to protect the environment and bring only the very healthiest food for your dog. Though it is the lowest-ranked in our list origin is by no means a low-quality dog food brand. Origen is very committed to bringing you the very best dog food that there is and also charges a premium for it.

It is a very high-quality dry dog food with a nutrient profile that is significantly superior to regular brands. The Origin six fish dog food also contains much higher proportions of protein and fat, the fish that this food contains include herring mackerel flounder, and others that are caught in the Atlantic. The high proportion of protein and fat and heightened nutrient profile makes this dog food excellent for dogs of all levels of activity.

Since it contains mainly fish, the dog food is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which have a wide array of health benefits the other ingredients include a wide range of vegetables like chickpeas red lentils green, lentils green peas, pea fiber, and more these vegetables provide an excellent proportion of high-quality carbohydrates and also make up for the fiber dog’s need for healthy digestion.

This dog food brand is of the highest quality and one of the healthiest around but as a dog owner, you should be aware of any allergies your dog may have to fish or legumes other than for dogs with food allergies the origin six fish dog food is high quality and highly nutritious for your pet dog.

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At number nine we have wellness core natural grain free dog food. The wellness brand is established and well known for its protein-focused pet foods. Their range of dog food offers lean meat options like turkey chicken and salmon.
Their natural grain free dog food mainly contains to bone turkey meal and chicken meal. There is no grain or corn or wheat in it. It is fully free of soy as well as meat. This high-quality dog food is enhanced with a probiotic blend glucosamine chondrotin and omega fatty acids that come from fish and flax oil. 

The wellness brand offers several formulas enabling you to pick the right one for your dog, wellness core dog food formula options include puppy reduced fat wild game large breed, small breed, and other formulas not only is this dog food 100% natural and grain free it also contains fruits vegetables and salmon oil. In addition to real protein sources the brand has been careful to keep this dog food free of artificial preservatives colors and flavors. 

The additional probiotics that it contains is good for the gut health of dogs adding to the health factor is calcium glucosamine and chondroitin which help in maintaining bone and joint health to help keep the coat of dogs shiny and healthy the fish and flax and the wellness core dog food combine to form omega fatty acids overall owners have said that they have seen an improvement in how active their pet is after using wellness core dog food for some time their dogs have become more active and the amount of time they use to spend sleeping has reduced also dogs that were slow moving before have become more active and quicker the only con is the price which is somewhat on the expensive side however if you are looking for really high quality and healthy dog food you will need to spend a little more.

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At number eight is canidae grain free pure dog food. The background of Canadie grain free is impeccable as it is a highly reputable dog food brand which is vet formulated it aims to provide the best nutrition to your dog without having any corn wheat soy or meat by products in it. 

One advantage with Canadie is that their range of dog food formulas are easily identifiable, as they have a maximum of seven to ten ingredients. This makes Canadie ideal for dogs with food sensitivities and sensitive stomachs at a glance. The three main ingredients in candidate grain-free dog food is lamb turkey meal and chicken meal. All of their dog food variants are made with limited ingredients with a maximum of 10 ingredients in them and another important factor is that everything is made in the USA.

 when you choose a quality dog food brand one of the distinguishing features is that they always have a meat as their primary ingredient. Canadie contains real meat and their range has identified meat meals as the first ingredient that means your dog is getting quality proteins in the food. This particular formula from Canadie has probiotics in it which are developed specifically to support healthy digestion in your dog. It also contains antioxidants for strengthening your dog’s immune system another plus is the omega-6 and three fatty acids which are important for a healthy and shiny coat and good skin health.

All the canady grain free pure options are corn wheat and soy free, of course it is also free of all meat by products to provide your dog with healthy carbohydrates. Canadie dog food contains alternative carbohydrates including peas lentils and sweet potatoes. Canadie does not contain grains as it may not agree with some dogs there are several formulas to choose from including recipes made primarily from lamb, chicken, salmon, and wild boar and also formulas customized to age from puppy to senior dog. 

Dog owners who have used candidate grain free have stated that it has helped to firm up the stool of their dogs and also improved skin problems some users have said that you need to be careful about where you buy it from as there are some counterfeit bags selling online. 

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At number seven is the blue buffalo dog food. Blue buffalo dog food brand is centered on giving your dog a healthy diet through a real meat based formula. Their motto is love them like family, feed them like family, the main ingredients in blue buffalo live protection dog food is lamb and fish. 

This makes up two great meat proteins for your dog this particular formula of blue buffalo life protection is for dogs of all breeds and ages. Blue buffalo also makes dog food for a specific age dog and specific dog breeds. In this blue buffalo life protection dog food, the primary ingredient is lamb and it contains brown rice and oatmeal too. The formula also has unique live source bits which are filled with a blend of high quality nutrients and antioxidant rich ingredients. It does not have any corn wheat soy or poultry products. 

The life source bits are specially created and formulated bits of dog food within the pack that have a blend of the healthiest ingredients from antioxidants to whole grains to vegetables to vitamins as well as minerals. These life source bits are very carefully and precisely blended to create the healthiest combination for dogs to eat. The brand has dog food bags ranging from small packs to 30 pound bags.

Of course, there are a range of breed and size specific packs too. The featured pack here is for all breeds and sizes but you can also get the best blue buffalo dog food for senior dogs, young dogs, or puppies. A very sought after combination is the lamb and brown rice option this is a great combination of a lean meat with a healthy whole grain, another great option is the chicken and brown rice one this is the healthy weight chicken in combination with a healthy whole grain.

 There are other lean meat options available too many people who feed their dogs blue buffalo life protection dog food say that it helps their dogs lose weight and also make their coats shinier. You need to be sure that your dog’s stomach is not sensitive to any of the ingredients and your dog will always benefit from blue health dog food. Another point to keep in mind is that if you are trying to increase the weight of your dog then this might not be a good option as it helps dogs lose excess weight.

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Coming in at number six is the taste of the wild dog food brand. The taste of the wild dog food is grain free and is a high protein dog food. It has added healthy ingredients that include probiotics fruits and veggies antioxidants and all the important minerals and vitamins.

Taste of the wild contains bison and venison, which is excellent lean meat and is very protein rich. It is a very good grain free formula for dogs who are sensitive or allergic to grains. This dog food brands mostly comes in large sized bags which are usually 30 pounds. Taste of a wild 30 pound bag of dog food lasts a good amount of time also becomes more affordable if you are keen on a smaller size.

 You will get it but it will mean lesser value for money the bison and venison dog food formula is the most popular one for taste of the wild dog food. These are lean meats and provide all the protein and nutrition that your dog needs they even offer only venison based dog food, that is what your dog seems to prefer the other meat options that they offer are lamb, salmon, and wild foam all of their dog food is well supplemented with fruits and vegetables. This means that your dog gets everything that it needs to be healthy and fit due to all of these healthy ingredients. 

The taste of the wild dog food improves immunity in dogs and is a holistic dog food for your dog. Taste of the wild being grain free becomes the choice of many dog owners whose dogs are sensitive to grains. With this dog food brand you get a great combination of good lean meat, high on protein and packed with antioxidants. 

A few users of taste of the wild dog food observed that it caused an unwanted skin reaction in their dogs almost all customers of taste of the wild have positive things to say about this brand but you need to see how your dog takes to this brand of dog food.

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At number 5 is merrick grain free dog food. This is a healthy dog food that aims in providing pet owners with a dog food that has high quality protein content in it. Merrick grain free dog food comes in a variety of formulas one highlight about this brand of dog food is that, its meat composition is 70 this means that the dog food is packed with proteins merit grain free dog food is packed with quality proteins.

Merrick dog foods have a variety of great protein sources to choose from including chicken duck, buffalo, lamb, salmon, beef, turkey, and venison with seventy percent meat based ingredients, the rest of the thirty percent in merrick grain free dog food is composed of fresh produce like sweet potatoes, peas, apples, and blueberries, These vegetables and fruits provide the important additional vitamins and antioxidants. Another benefit of merrick dog food is that it is rich in omega-6 omega-3 glucosamine and chondrotin. These are excellent ingredients for joint problems and pain relief.

All of these ingredients work towards reducing joint inflammation and improving the mobility of your dog. The no grains, any dog that is allergic to grains can have merrick also the grains are replaced by sweet potatoes and potatoes. These two ingredients are more easily digestible carbohydrate sources. This also makes meric dog food a very good dog food for dogs that have allergies and stomach issues, another important fact about merrick is that this dog food is entirely made in the U.S.A. Some dog owners find the price of merrick to be a little steep but then you will have to pay more for better and healthier dog food.

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At number four is from gold dog food. This is a high quality dog food brand with a big selection of formulas for different aged dogs and different breeds. Prawn dog food is in the form of kibbles and canned dog food. They are pretty well known for their high standards of quality and extra healthy dog food from uses. Only the very highest quality ingredients and are one of the few dog food brands that have super high quality human grade ingredients. 

It becomes clear when you see that their range of dog food starts with options like duck chicken meal and chicken prom dog food is also known to help improve the skin and coat of dogs. 

Many people who use from for their dogs have seen a significant difference after changing over in their dog’s coat skin and even shininess also the high quality and unique ingredients of from makes it an ideal dog food. For those who own dogs, with food allergies and sensitive stomachs many owners who use from dog food have stated that their dogs have developed healthier and shiner coats and have also started to eat better and more they feel that the high quality of the food also helps in resolving many stomach issues the high price is the only point that some users complain about.

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At number three is the pet plate Chompin Chicken dog food brand this is a human grade dog food brand that provides vet designed and fresh dog food that is pre-cooked superior to kibble. The pet plate chop in chicken dog food is made from  USDA meat fresh produce and a unique supplement. Blend typical ingredients include chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli, chicken liver, apples, and more the dog food from pet plate comes in pre-portioned containers which eliminates the problem of how much of the dog food exactly to give your dog every time. Since the portions are already fixed, you just need to open a container and give it to your dog, another great feature is that the containers are microwave safe so you can heat them within a minute and let your dog enjoy hot tasty food almost instantly.

This brand of dog food also has a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason the best thing about pet plate dog food is that it is human grade high quality and contains USDA meat the only con we could see is the higher price point. However for really healthy dog food that will benefit your pet you will need to shell out more.

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At the number two position is always healthy turkey fair dog food. A brand that is known for its ultra fresh and human grade dog food. 

Healthy turkey fare is truly high quality dog food that uses only premium ingredients.

 ollie dog food actually does not contain any kind of fillers like corn, soy, or wheat, and nor does it have any kind of preservatives or artificial ingredients. Along with the healthy turkey fare, alice also has a choice of hearty beef eats chicken goodness and tasty lamb fare. Each one of these formulas are created and developed by a professional veterinarian, also this dog food contains meat that is sourced from the best US and Australian farms. 

All of the options that ollie’s has to offer are great, but we feel the turkey is one of the best because it contains a rich variety of turkey ingredients. The healthy turkey fare contains ground turkey, turkey thigh, turkey liver, turkey heart, and more. This dog food is obviously focused on one animal protein in each formula but along with it there are some excellent ingredients too. 

Their dog food also contains fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, lentils, kale, and blueberries. Additionally it also has coconut oil and cod liver oil, which have multiple health benefits for dogs. Incredible freshness of all this dog food is primarily because they cook the dog food in small batches at low temperatures, this means there is very minimal processing and all the ingredients retain their nutritional value and are really fresh. 

Buying all his dog food involves the dog owner is creating a profile of their dog which captures details like its breed each activity level and potential allergies. Once this information is processed in the back end by the people at ollies they then send the owners the correct meals for their dogs along with the right meal customized to your dog you will also get a custom portioning scoop which essentially enables you to give the exact amount of dog food every time, so that you do not end up over feeding your dog the ollie brand also goes beyond just creating the dog food as they also give away one percent of all revenue to rescues and shelters. Also Ollie has a money back guarantee in the unlikely case that your dog does not like all his food you don’t have to pay for it. 

The best benefit with ollie is that the dog food is extremely high quality and ultra healthy for your dog food and is completely without any fillers additives preservatives. Of course with such high standards in every aspect especially the human grade quality and ingredients of the dog food Ollie is bound to be more expensive than the others taking up the coveted.

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Number one spot is the renowned and highly trusted brand the farmer’s dog. The farmer’s dog brand is all about customized dog food designed around your dog’s specific needs. 

It makes fresh dog food customized to your dog’s activity level agent a variety of other factors all of which is easily and quickly captured online the farmer’s dog is all about incredibly high quality and totally custom-made dog food. Instance is one of the oldest and best dog food companies the farmer’s dog is definitely one of the most trusted and well-known brands. 

Their dog food recipes feature beef, turkey, and pork, farmers dog food uses the freshest of ingredients which are sourced from reputable food suppliers local farms and other dealers of human food that meet usda standards. The farmer’s dog brand does not use any feed grade ingredient only human grade ingredients. 

All the dog food from farmer’s dog is made in USDA kitchens which are essentially the same kitchens where your own food is made. Their dog food features very simple recipes that contain an ideal combination of protein produce and vitamins and minerals that are essential for dogs the formulas for their dog food are formulated by board certified veterinary nutritionists. These nutritionists approve each recipe to be 100 complete and balanced according to Iffco standards as with the ollis brand. 

The food is very fresh cooked at low temperatures and therefore minimally processed once your dog’s customized dog food is prepared then it is sent to you proportioned. This pre-portion food is based on your dog’s pacific size and needs, another great point about the farmer’s dog is that the food is very fresh and it is delivered within days of being made. This pre-portion food is never deep frozen is not designed to be kept in the Shelf and is delivered right to your doorstep as soon as possible. They go to the extent of also packaging the food a cardboard box that can be recycled with biodegradable insulation. 

Being a dog food brand that sends you customized and ultra fresh dog food that is human grade it is not cheap even though it is priced higher one good thing is that when you go in for a trial pack you will get it at 50% off that makes our number one ranked healthiest dog food brand well worth trying at least once.

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Which one do you think is the best, comment below and do not forget to share this article with your friends.

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