Brazilian Pet 100% All Natural Pig Ears (100 Pack) Prime Dog Chews

Brazilian Pet 100% All Natural Pig Ears (100 Pack) Prime Dog Chews


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Product Description

Pig ears dog treats chews Pig ears dog treats chews

Truly rewarding with an all-natural flavour

All dogs find pleasure in chewing, you will not see a dog more happy than whilst chewing. It’s instinctive behavior as it strengthens their jaws but also cleans their teeth and gums. Dogs love the pure satisfaction and deliciousness that comes from chewing on Ears. Pig Ears have always been a doggie favorite. These all-natural snacks give dogs plenty of chew time in a simple single-ingredient chew, which is high in protein and flavour, but low in fat.

Our production originates from South America, where the cattle are fed differently compared to North America, Europe and Asia, and this has a very positive effect on the quality of the raw material.

Our products are solely oven, air dried, free of any contamination, all because we have very high hygiene standard levels and a well-calculated air drying system which ensures the quality on all levels. This ears are a the truly rewarding all-natural flavor that every dog is sure to love. To ensure quality, each ear is carefully inspected and tested. Our product is handcrafted, and there is no chemicals used in the entire process. With no grains, gluten, sugar, chemicals, artificial preservatives, color or flavor, these chews are highly digestible and can be enjoyed by pups with sensitive tummies.

Brazilian Pet’s Ears are rich and satisfying, which makes them the perfect anytime rewards, and they’re great for keeping your dog busy and entertained, too.

Pig EarsPig Ears

Let your best friend enjoy the best treat available!

cow ears for dogs, dog treats, dog chews, dog bonescow ears for dogs, dog treats, dog chews, dog bones

These are the benefits for your dog:

Tasty chew that’s great for teeth and gum health, helping to remove plaque as your dog gnaws away-all, while satisfying his chewing instinct.Single-ingredient chew without extra fillers like, binding agents, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, sugar plus they are low in fat.Grain-free and gluten-free with just one highly digestible, protein-rich ingredient, so you can even give them to pups with sensitive stomach.


The Best Ears Available

No dog can resist the pure deliciousness and satisfaction that comes from chomping down on Brazilian Pet treats. Pig ears have always been a dog’s favorite chew; these special rewards give pups plenty of chew time in a simple, single-ingredient chew that’s all-natural and high in protein and flavor, but low in fat. As your dog gnaws on this tasty chew, it helps remove plaque from the teeth.

100% natural single ingredient pig ears provide a digestible, rich in protein healthy treat.
Contains no added hormones, preservatives or chemicals . One single ingredient: Pigs ear.
Long lasting chews promotes healthy teeth and gums by reducing tartar and plaque buildup all while freshening breath.
Bulk box comes with 100 pig ears making it ideal for multi-pet household and for budget conscious
Top Notch Chew carefully selected, oven dried and hygienically packaged

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Brazilian Pet 100% All Natural Pig Ears (100 Pack) Prime Dog Chews
Brazilian Pet 100% All Natural Pig Ears (100 Pack) Prime Dog Chews


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