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what is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off leash?

The panic of a lost dog can be overwhelming for any pet owner. When a dog gets off its leash and runs away, it is important to act quickly and efficiently in ...

Hot Weather Herp Tips

Summer’s Effect on Reptiles and Amphibians Amphibians are usually quite sensitive to warm temperatures.  However, reptiles, even those native to tropical ...


If you’re looking at adding a four-legged friend to the family or any pet for that matter, there are plenty of benefits for children and adults alike. ...


Like humans, dogs and cats are vulnerable during the cold weather. While the cold is a lot more comfortable than the heat, extreme weather conditions can be ...

The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Raise your hand if your dog has ever pestered you, following you from room to room with a bored face? If so, rest assured, you are not alone! Boredom and ...

Top 10 Best Grain Free Dog Foods in 2020

There is an age-old adage you are what you eat. It holds true for people and also for your pets especially dogs if you are a dog owner and you want to give ...

Top 07 Dog Collars in 2020

The dog collar has multiple functions to attach leashes repel parasites or to locate your dog in the dark, each dog or each master to his need. Is it time ...

10 Reason to Own A DOG

Alongside humans more than 33,000 years ago. Of course, we have embedded in the dog's DNA, and on ours, dogs offer more than just companionship. If you've got ...

Canine Stem Cell Therapy – Star Pet Store

The two syringes on left contain a very small amount of antibiotic. The large syringe is for intravenous (IV) administration of stem cells. It contains about ...

What Size Baby Clothes Fit My Dog

  Do larger dogs fit into what size baby clothes fit my dog? It is not always so easy for dogs to wear many different sizes at once. Some dogs are tall ...

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  1. Great Product. Easy to use and excellent for training.

  2. I have used this product on many occasions especially during training and had the greatest training sessions when this is the reward.

  3. When Meyer Country Farms changed the formula for Bellyrubs, my dog and I were devastated! I had been with Rosey for 6 1/2 years and this was the only treat we took on adventures, and we go on adventures every day that it is not pouring rain! I was heartbroken that I couldn’t give her something that I knew she loved. I tried 8-10 different kinds of chicken strips that looked like Bellyrubs, but they became gifts to other dogs. We did not slow down on our adventures, but there was an underlying current that said, all is not right : – ) When they came back I ordered two bags and as soon as she confirmed that they were the real deal, I ordered 4 more. She spits out the first piece I break off for her in protest because she believes I am the reason she wasn’t getting them! But then she gobbles down the rest and smiles at me!!!

  4. A great addition to any home aquarium. My fish love it!

  5. Great addition to your home aquarium. Make sure that your loved fish are getting oxygen.

  6. These are a breeze to use. Come ready to use after a quick rinse under the tap and snap into place.

  7. Ever gone on holidays and forgot to feed your fish? I have! This will never happen again as now when I go on holidays I pop one of these in the tank and my fish are fed for 14 days.
    No more dead fish when I get home from that vacation.

  8. Great product and it does exactly what it says.

  9. My dog was limping from a training accident. The vet suggested I try this spray. Like magic, it helped relieve his pain and within not time was up and about training again.

  10. Our horses love their Himalayan Pink Salt Licks. We hang them in their stables and it is the first thing they go to when they return to their stable.

  11. My vet recommended this product to keep the electrolytes up to my horses.
    A quick and easy applicator allows my horses to replenish their lost electrolytes.

  12. My cat just loves this scratching post with the hammock. He used to sleep on my bed all day, now he is content to roll over into the very supportive hammock and just purr the day away.

  13. My Vet put us on to these. Our horses love them and they have never looked better. Their coats are shiny and their hooves are looking very healthy.

  14. A great supplement to add to your horse’s diet. Providing a high concentration of calcium that adis in the production of strong bones.

  15. My horse was having some joint issues. The vet came out for a check up of the horse and he recommended adding this supplement to the horse’s diet. Wow! What a difference it made. Just a couple of weeks after adding this to the horse’s feed it is moving around a lot freer.

  16. My horses were feeling a little ill last month so my Vet recommended adding this supplement. Worked a treat.

  17. Our stables are never without this product. It aides in the quick recovery of wounds.

  18. A great product that every stable should have several of.

  19. This is by far the best possible natural alternative hair products that prevent tangles and dryness while providing a deep conditioning treatment with a healthy shine that lasts. Our horses have never looked so good.

  20. This is a great thermometer. Easy to use and quick to set up.

  21. Great for the smaller dogs who a vest will no fit.

  22. I have used this product extensively through my reptile cages. They love it. Bathing and sleeping on it.

  23. A great addition for your chickens or rabbits or for that matter any small animal.
    Our rabbits love it and scamper up and down all day between the 2 levels.

  24. Mu cats just love this tunnel. They play for hours with it until they are all tuckered out.

  25. Ordered both small (gray) and medium (navy) size for my dog since I didn’t know which one would fit her best.

    My dog is a 5-pound Maltese and this was for her post-spay recovery. Both fit her well but I ended up returning the small and keeping the medium because I wanted to be extra sure that she wouldn’t be able to lick the incision site.

    It worked perfectly. The product was lightweight, soft, and comfortable. My dog wore it for 7 days full-time even when she was eating and sleeping but it did not bother her at all.

  26. My kitties love it and maybe they will get some extra exercise, plan on ordering again real soon!

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